Hi! I’m The ER Dad! I’m a full time Emergency Medicine Physician with the job I want, a beautiful wife I love, three awesome kids and the life I’d always dreamed of. But even with everything I had, I found myself increasingly dissatisfied with life in general, and began to ask “why.” Since then I’ve been on a personal quest to focus only on the parts of life that bring real meaning to my life and expel the parts that get in the way of that joy. Every day I’m learning more about what it is in life that really brings true happiness – and what doesn’t.

This site is a project developed out of a desire to create for myself and my family a life filled with a more intentional way of living, and thus more satisfaction in life day by day. I’m excited to share with others what I learn, and look forward to building a community of like-minded people searching for something more to life who can share their own ideas, too.

Thanks for visiting ErDad.com!