Financial Websites and Blogs

The White Coat Investor

A fantastic site for physicians (and anyone else, for that matter) looking to become more knowledgeable about personal finance and investing. Highly recommended!

Physician On Fire

A personal finance blog aimed at helping physicians reach their goal of financial independence and retiring early (FIRE). Written from the viewpoint of a physician seeking exactly that goal. Part of the White Coat Investor Network.

Passive Income M.D.

Another member of the WCI Network. Written by a practicing anesthesiologist aimed at supplementing his full time gig with more passive streams of income.

Mr. Money Mustache

Advice and examples of how to create a better life that costs less. Lots of great insight, wisdom, advice and some fun along the way. Easy and fun to follow, and you’ll be envious of his mountain life in no time!

Budgeting and Financial Websites

You Need a Budget

Awesome software that teaches you to track your spending – down to the penny – and account for every transaction. The ER Family uses YNAB daily and has for years, and has saved a ton of money in doing so!

Personal Capital

Track your net worth daily with all your accounts in one place, for free! Keep an eye on your savings and investing goals with this desktop and mobile friendly software.

Lifestyle Websites:

The Minimalists

Two ordinary guys leading extraordinary lives through the embracing of minimalism. Follow their advice and learn how to reduce stress by reducing excess from your life.

The Art of Manliness

Hilarious site all things manliness! Find awesome new workout routines, fashion tips, or maybe even how to sharpen a knife with a leather belt!

Travel Resources:

The Points Guy

Excellent site for all things rewards points. I’ve saved literally thousands of dollars in travel by following the recommendations of this site.